Monday, May 28, 2012

A look inside with HVAC installed.

Going to the second floor.

The dining room or study.  Your choice.

A curiosity.  The steel beam sticks out farther than the wall so I'm interested to see how they are going to do the brick.  My guess is that they will have to break half of the back off of the bricks that cover this area.

A pic of the ThermoPly and the tape that seals it.  

They put this cardboard like stuff on the stud to make it even with the one beside it.  It will be hidden so no biggie...but still interesting.  I'm glad that they are making it even.

View of the "pond" from office (bedroom 4) window.  We are planning on accidentally planting some plants around it to make it prettier.

A break in the ThermoPly that is in the gable.  It looks like it's doubled.  I found several areas like this but the PM and a construction friend of mine said that this does not matter.

Remember that unflashed window?  This is it from the inside.  It's still unflashed but the PM said it was fixed.  I will be upset if this is not fixed.  The workers just taped a piece on the outside to make it look like they did it right.  It really pisses me off that they are trying to be sneaky like that.  I hope the PM gets on their bums for it.  This is so wrong. :(
Here it is from the outside.  My theory, that they just taped it on to make it look like it was flashed, was correct.  Instead of taking the window out and doing it correctly they just tried to trick me.....and I'm guessing the PM. Poop!  I can't believe they would do that.  Water can still go down under that and rot the wood.  GRRRRRR!!!  I wrote the PM and said that my husband and I will do it if we have to.  I don't care who does it...I just want it done right.

This is what the window is suppose to look like.  Flashing that is actually covering the sill so that if water gets in it sits on the tape and not the wood.

Super Awesome Morning Room.  You can see the blueprints scattered on the floor.

The Kitchen/Mudroom/Pantry.  HVAC sneaking in from the top.

I finally got to see what goes in the blocked out area in the blueprints.  More HVAC.

Ahh....I can't wait to use this....Minus the splinters of course.   My splurge.

A view of the master bath and to the right the laundry room.

Master Bath and a look in bedroom 4 (study).


Walk in closet!  Oh yeah!

Standing in the closet taking a picture of the largest bedroom. Bedroom 3. 

I took this because you can see the nail holes where the sunlight is peeking through the ThermoPly.  Siding will be over this but I personally think it should be taped because water can get under siding and there is no need to invite water in the home if all it takes is a little tape to fix it.

Kaylee's Bathroom. :)

They do not insulate the garage unless you pay for it but they do insulate the HVAC that runs in the ceiling.  We are just going to insulate the garage ourselves.  Not that hard to do...just annoying to do.

Upstairs looking down the stairwell.

Dining area/Study.

I found more mold. :(  I think I'm gonna go in and just start spraying some mold killer.  I said this to the SR and she said laughed and said "knock yourself out".  I might.  I really really do not want mold and the way that they handled fixing the unflashed window sill does not give me much faith in how they will handle the mold.  

Overall everything looks good and I'm super excited about this stage.  I can't wait to see the bathrooms set up.  :)  The mold and the flashing are just small annoyances and I'm sure they will fix it.  If know you'll hear about it.   Alright...I hope you had a great Memorial day!


  1. The window fixed, come on!? The example you gave was perfect, no excuse at this stage.

    SR laughed when you talked about the mold, what!! Not sure how I would handle that response on a serious matter like that if I was there. They should be out there cleaning it off and if they can't they should be replacing the wood.

    I did find this document that has some good information concerning mold on structural components:

    Sorry that you are getting some runaround on these things but think they will be worked out in the end. The rest of the house looks great!

  2. Thank you for the mold resource! It made me feel a little better. I know that mold is a part of the building process but I live in a home with mold and part of the reason we are building is to have one without mold. Every time it rains we can smell the mold in our old home.'s disgusting and I'm pretty sure it affects my breathing (asthma). Since we bought an air cleaner things have been much better but it's still gross when it rains.