Wednesday, May 9, 2012

House Delivery and Basement Wrapped!

The Beams!

Stairs, Doors, Framing....Oh my!

Triple Love.
21 Windows and a Door!  The small square is on the other side!

The sewage pipes and the drainage for the gutters and basement wrap. The grading will be moved to go up against the wrap and the brick will be placed on top of the ledge.
I wonder what those fittings are for? 
This is on the inside of the basement.  The sewage connection.

My gorgeous baby and sexy husband. :)

Our lovely pond.  The lines in the center are the sides of  4 x 8 pieces of plywood used to make a wall.

A peek inside of the basement.  You can see a couple of the neighbor houses being built on the hill.


  1. I am taking a guess on the fittings. I believe that's where they will hook the down spout to.

  2. OH are correct about the blue pipes. Those are definitely for the downspouts which I love because they are underground. The fitting lying beside it is what I'm curious about. It's called a "T" so I was just wondering what they were going to connect to the downspout there ...if anything at all. Perhaps it was just accidentally left there.