Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beautiful Venice and Some Old Black and Whites.

Look at her.  She's beautiful.

Who would of thought that some PVC pipes and PEX tubing (thanks Thomas!) could be so beautiful. I love the light coming in too.

I sneaked a peek inside the garage and look what I found when I looked into the dining room area!  Isn't it angelic?

When the SR and I looked at the house we saw this on the floor.  At first it looks like water but when you touch's rather sticky and strange.  It was on the wall and the floor.  I think it's growing some mold buddies but it's drying out in the basement so I don't think it will last very long.

Check out the vent for the fireplace!  Exciting!

I am just so in love with this brick and that window.  I'm tempted to leave a little love note to the brick layers telling them how beautiful of a job they are doing.  I just love it!

Did you ever think scaffolding could be so awesome?  I love all the textures here.

Another shot of that beautiful brick and window.

I finally touched this brown's very plastic.  The black tape on top the brick is pretty thick and sticky.  When's the last time you saw tape stick to concrete?  I've never seen it.  It must be some strong stuff. I wonder what it's for.

And....some memories.  I think I might starting putting my "old home" photos in only black and white.  I bet you they'd make some cool photos for my new house.  I'm going to start working on that.

Here's another showing how close my current neighbor is.  She's very close.  She is a good neighbor too.  I hope our new home has good neighbors.

Well that's all for now folks!  I hope you enjoyed.  I can't wait to find some time to catch up on all your wonderful house building photos too.  I've really enjoyed looking at them when I have had a chance.

Have a GREAT weekend too!


  1. I like the door and the red/blue PEX tubing :-)

  2. Red hot, blue cold? The brick is a nice the color.

  3. I agree with you on the b&w. I took many build pics from "the spot", the same place every time. I plan to take one more of the "finished" look, convert 4 to b&w and frame.