Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another Fall in your Home.

As another Fall approaches, I am happy to have learned so much more about the online world and blogging.

My home had held up well and what is funny is that, although I love the house and location, I have already started dreaming of a bigger home in a warmer spot.

It's not that I don't like the Venice at all, it's just that I have started to really get serious about my blogging adventures and find a need for an office in a central location in the house.

Right now I have my office/guest room upstairs next to the kids bathroom and I barely am ever in it.

I do most of my online work on my couch, morning room table or on the floor next to the fireplace (like I am right now) because I'm a heat hoarder.

I love my fireplace.

If you are building a Ryan Home, or any home for that matter....get the fireplace.

I'll have to figure out where I got my fireplace blower too (I'll share that soon) so you can get one too.

I just bought one and popped it in and here I am enjoying it.

There are some Ryan Home models that have great layouts for office space and I know I've seen the Palmaro (I think that's the name) that is a larger home with a great layout for office space on the living floor.   It's a little more closed in though but the kitchen is in a central location so it's still really nice.

With my blogging now, I can see the benefit of a home that is less of an open floor plan just so you don't get attacked by drolling and grasping little one year olds who smell like poo. (Yes...I just got attacked)

Being able to work uninterrupted is kind of a commodity around here.

Do any of you guys out there have a home you love that allows you to work but still kind of be a part of the action?

I'm curious how you do it and what you thoughts are about an open floor plan with an office to the side or a closed floor plan altogether.

Thought?  Please share! :)

Have a great day!

(Ps...if you wanna check out my biggest online     Eventually I'll be writing more about the job killing program for those that are interested.