Saturday, March 31, 2012

I wanted to share the house photo.  These are NOT the colors but this is the elevation.  I did my own rendition of the color on the Sherwin Williams site. Without actually having the siding in front of me it's hard to do this.'s our future home!  :)  Our siding is the clay with darker clay where you see the lighter color on this house.   Also, our garage will have eyebrow windows.  I love windows not matter what shape or size.  I also love the flower box that comes with this elevation.  I can't wait to use it!
Ok!  So I've had some rest and I looked at all the numbers yesterday.  I just can't do the hardwood.  I keep thinking about my daughter's college and clothing and all that stuff and it seems so silly to pay interest for 30 years on flooring.  Dustin and I are really good at remodeling and flooring is one of the easier things we've done.  I know he is a little disappointed but we can save well over $10,000 over the course of 30 years by just saving for a year or two and installing the hardwood ourselves.  That's a huge chunk of college or a car for my baby....not to mention the peace of mind I'm going to get from a lower mortgage rate.  Hey!  Maybe we can put that deck on the back of the morning room more quickly than I thought!  There are so many advantages for just a little dissatisfaction in the initial vinyl flooring we will get.  I've been looking at some posts of other bloggers that have the vinyl and it's really not so bad to start out we might be able to save some of the carpeting from the family room and use it for finishing the basement.  Speaking of carpeting, we are going to go with the standard carpet downstairs because we plan to replace it and with the Level one stain resistant carpeting upstairs. to catch up on everything we've done so far:

Signed the purchase agreement on March 9, 2012 (posted the check for March 8 because that was my daughters first birthday!)

We've already met with Guardian and I have to say I'm not impressed.  The guy was late and flustered and he stretched the truth way too much for my comfort level.....oh ok....he lied more than twice.  The first time I thought maybe it was just his way of trying to upsell without saying it and didn't think anything of it but then when I got home and compared my notes to what he said and what the actual contract said I got angry.  I hate dishonest people and do not want to bother with them at all.  After I realized that, his lateness, his setting off the alarms in the house while trying to show us the music and his comment that we were easy and it would be a pain in the $%# to redo anything.....well...all those things mattered after all.  We are pretty easy going but when it comes to this HUGE purchase, we want professionalism and honesty.  So there!

We met with flooring, as previously mentioned, and it was nice.  The sales lady at Rusmur was very patient with us and our very rambunctious one year old.  She even offered to take her out of the room for a moment so Dustin and I could talk and make a decision about the tile for the bathroom.  Even when I called her today to make some changes, she was courteous and understanding.  I really appreciate that and give her an A Plus!   I am even thinking about going to them for my flooring in the future. :)

Here is what we've done so far:

Venice Model
-Elevation L   (We orginally chose elev. k but then thought we'd rather put money inside the house so we downgraded to elev. B....then we saw elevation L was only $500 more and we like cedar shake siding)

-Garage Door Opener (expensive but Dustin is afraid of them...long story)
-Walk out basement (we had to do this because of our lot)
-Full size window on the back of the morning room basement part
-2 piece plumb in basement
-living room side window
-Morning Room (my favorite and was an incentive to use NVR mortgage)
- Morning Room windows   I LOVE light
-Kitchen Gourmet Island (This is for Dustin because he love to cook)
- Upgraded Hardware because you'd never find it cheaper anywhere
-Andover Square Maple Spice Timberlake  Cabinets Kitchen
-42" cabinet free upgrade
-3D upgraded laminate countertop Golden Mascarello  (LOVE IT)
-Fairfield Maple Spice for all bathrooms
-Gas Range Hookup ('s extra...darn it!)
-Family room side slate gas fireplace  (we're going to add stones later and the side is better so it's less intrusive on the back deck area)
-Upgraded Owner's Bath with ceramic surround (I really don't like the standard ceramic but it's insane to upgrade with them when I know we can do it for much cheaper)  We got this because I love baths and he wanted a clear glass walk in shower.
- Jacuzzi Tub  (I've got early arthritis so it's medical....;)  Ha ha)
-Double Bowl Vanity   (I can't stand washing my face while someone is brushing their teeth in the same sink!)
-Bronze light fixtures (included)
-Two ceiling fan Rough ins
- One light prewire
-Free upgraded landscaping (Dustin is going to ask if he can actually plant the seed because he doesn't like the grass that comes with it....geesh!)
 -Humidifier (we got this on the advice of many many people)
--Icemaker kit (free)
-Formal Dining room because the chandelier was free...for real.  We are going to move it to the morning room and just put a regular light in it to make it a study/piano room.

Color Scheme:

Browns Valley Brick to Grade
Stone Mountain Clay siding
Black Front Door
White Trim
Canyon Shake around garage and upper level detail

Ok!  Now you're up to date!    

We are currently waiting on the loan approval.  It shouldn't be long now!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Starting a blog!

Well, Dustin and I have taken the plunge with Ryan homes.  After reading almost everything on the web I feel that I might better spend my time by blogging to relieve my own anxiety.   I'm so excited that I'm literally dreaming of flooring, siding, recessed lights and every other crazy option you can add.   And so it begins......our dream home and our first blog. :)  I will add more about our building process but I have to get rest right's almost 1am!