Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Check your blueprints!

Hey you all...again!  I'm on a roll today.  I just wanted to remind you to check your blueprints line by line and corner by corner.  We caught something they missed.  We are suppose to get a keyless attic light according to our blueprint and it is NOT there.  We just caught it because I decided to finally sit down and check out the house vs. the blueprint.  I went through and counted all of my outlets/switches etc. The kitchen is suppose to be all GFC outlets and it didn't look like ours has that but the SR explained to me that one is a GFC and the others are wired off of it and will trip like a GFC.  Hmmm.  Well ok if you say so.  Another thing that initially really annoyed me was that we paid EXTRA for the gas line for our stove and the house comes with a 220V for a stove.  If you get the gas they don't also put the 220V.  I thought we were getting shorted money because wiring is so expensive (especially 220V) but my husband said that they have to pay a good amount to have the gas company do their thing too.  I was just thinking it was just a matter of conduit for the gas which is way cheaper than copper.  So I'm going to trust my hubbie on this.  In my mind..we should get both if we paid extra so if we do sell...there are options.   Anyways..back to the attic light.  Does anyone else have the note in their blueprints that says that the attic gets a light?   I know it's not a big thing and I'm not going to throw a fit if I don't get it...but I did pay for it and according to RH something like that costs $100.00....so of course I'm thinking..discount. ...or attic light.
Finally...I panicked a bit about my windows because NONE of them were locking.  Turns out that even just a little bit of dust will hinder their shutting abilities.  It is a very tight fit though..for sure.
And!!!!!!  My Jacuzzi Tub is FINALLY right.  Pictures will come later this week.  I'm so excited.  It's perfect!

Closing Fee update:  My loan officer called and apologized about the "oversight".  He said that they just forgot to change it from 17 days to 26 days for the interest and that the taxes are more up front but my interim taxes should be lower now.  I hope so.  I'm still not happy about your oversight RH and I think you should give me something for my freak out.....like a new washer or dryer?   One can only dream of a perfect world filled with satisfied customers who spend over $200,000 on a home getting small perks for the inconveniences caused by others mistakes.   Ahhh.  Ok.  I'm over it now.

Here is what happened:

Ok...so long story short....My escrow charges went up by about $500.00 which is the Hazard Insurance and County Property Taxes. My loan officer only put 2 months in the GFE when in reality I have to have 9 months in escrow...and 9 months just happens to be when they started building until the end of the year...so it looks like I'm paying those taxes.  So that was the biggie and it is something that can change but it wouldn't have been such a shock if the LO would have just put it in the GFE to begin with.  So there's another $565.00 difference

My loan officer neglected to put the title insurance in the GFE so that was another $226.00. 

Then..my loan officer only showed that the daily interest charges were for 17 days from Aug. 6 until Sept.1.  Obviously wrong.  It's 26 days...so that almost doubled.

So...all the fees were the same...BUT  make sure you know how many days are in a month and double check your GFE in section A item 10 to make sure your loan officer has counted his days correctly.  Grrrr.  Also...make sure the title insurance is included in the GFE...it's expensive!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ryan Homes KILLED me on the Closing. My GFE was really off.

Hey there.  I just got my HUD-1 form that tells me what I need to bring to closing and I was shocked, to say the least, that they charged me the highest rate that they could for the following fees:

  $500.00 – Underwriting fee line 809   (It says it may range from $100-$500 in the agreement)
   $300.00 – Processing fee line 814  (Range: $100-300)

    $50.00 – Application fee line 815

(UPDATE:....Fees didn't change...see the next recent post to see what happened)

I took the higher rate of 3.625% because of their incentive to give a monetary discount at closing.  I find it pretty coincidental that they charged me such a high rate for their fees and that it is almost exactly what they said they would "discount" me for taking the higher rate.  I remember the loan officer saying that it probably won't ever be that high but they had to let us know anyways.  I figured it would be somewhere in the middle at most.

I feel a bit dupped to say the least.  Damn. 

So in the end?   I feel like I just took a higher rate and didn't get a discount at all at closing.  Now instead of being even close to the GFE that I got...I'm paying more.   How crappy is that?   Goodbye new appliance that I thought I was going to have. 

Well..I guess I figured out why the fees had such a wide range. So Ryan Homes can make you think you are getting a discount to take a higher rate when really...you not.  At least that's what I think anyways.  I could be totally wrong....but I don't know.

Does anyone else have this experience?  Has anyone else closed recently and they were charged the full amount on the fee?

And...don't worry..more photos will come at the end of the week. Our final walk through is THURSDAY!!!!!!  YIKES!  I actually cried last night because I will miss my old home.  GOOD NEWS though...we found a RENTER!  WHOO HOO!  For anyone renting, ezlandlordforms.com is a pretty awesome site to create leases with.  I used Landlord Station for the background/credit report.

UPDATE 3/22/2015 - It's amazing what a few years here and there can bring.  A new baby, a finished basement, a fence in the back yard and a new online work at home type opportunity that I took and totally do not regret.  I'm going to be able to make 6 figures and take care of my family and help change the world (local economy first!)  Tell me that's not awesome!  :)  Oh..and that being a landlor thing? BEST IDEA EVEEER.  Wish I had more houses....oh wait...I will!  Suck up the universe people!  Opportunities are EVERYWHERE!  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

We closed early and I decorated last night!!!

Just kidding! I had the chance to view another Venice model.  I LOVE this model!  I love the whole tree theme so I think I have found my first focus on the house decoration.  Whoo hoo!  The hardwood in this model is EXACTLY what we want.  We actually choose it initially and then we backed out and decided to do it ourselves after close so we didn't pay 30 years of interest on it.  So..here are the photos of yet another Venice model!  I hope you enjoy.  The only thing I forgot was a picture of the outside!  Ha!

Andover Maple Spice Cabinets with Bronze Hardwood.  That's what I got!

I think I found the tile backsplash I want.  I love it!

Morning Room

Morning Room with A Non Standard Door.  Maybe one day...but not now for us.
I looked into where I can get that 15 panel glass door since they don't offer in my subdivision.  Lowes.  Love it.
Family Room. Wow.

Fireplace.  I love it.  One day I will do something like this with mine. I forgot to check and see if the outside frame is higher too.  If not...then I might be doing this sooner rather than later.  Does anyone know?



Living Room

Entry Way


Bath 1

Bedroom 4

Upstairs Laundry

Largest Bedroom aside from the Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom!

Master Bedroom

Master Bath. 

Killer Walk in Closet

They have all their selections here in the basement!  I wish they had this in mine.  We had to travel all around.

The big room in the basement.

A BAR!  We are going to have a workshop where that bar is.  Looking at this I want to change my mind.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Things are slowing down a little bit as the details are being worked out inside the house.  We drove up to the house today and noticed that one of our gutters has a huge dent in it.  I didn't snap a shot because I just wasn't in the mood to capture a negative.  So I snapped a bunch of positive!
The slate on the floor was uncovered!  I have to tell you...I wasn't sure about this when we went with it to save money but I do love it.  It's a nice dark gray slate.  Since it's a rock it will absorb and keep the heat so it should be pretty nice to sit on when I need to warm my aching bones. :)

THE KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stupid cardboard....get out of there!

I love the countertop/cabinet combo!  I will definitely have to change those floors though.  I don't regret going with the standard flooring because I know it will save money...but it definitely shows in aesthetics.  The floor does not compare to the fabulous cabinets and laminate top.  I can't wait to get in and start cooking like Paula Dean....or Gordan Ramsey!

The best last minute decision ever!  I love these recessed lights!

They put the brick under the door!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!  It looks so AWESOME!  I'm so glad I asked for this because leaving it bare just looked silly.

The electric is on and this one little light was installed. :)  It's tiny but I like how quaint it is.

I didn't realize there was a recessed light in the bathroom.  I like it. :)

And...another slightly crooked bathroom vent...but again...how often am I going to strain with my head cocked up?

Evidence that they do exist.
I have a little list of things that still need done but I'm sure they will be done in the next 18 days! :)  I will make it my top ten:

1. Replace the gutter with the horrible dent located right in my face above the garage.
2. Install outlets in Gourmet kitchen and Basement wall.
3. Fix the drywall in the ceiling from the jacuzzi tub mistake.
4. Replace the jacuzzi tub that currently has a faucet in my face when I lay in it.
5. Fix the ceiling where the taped from the joint shows in the morning room...and other little nicks here and there....like that little one on my cupboard door in the kitchen.
6. Clean that weird sticky gooey stuff off of the basement floor.
7. Clean the closet shelves because they feel weird...along with the final clean through.
8. Brick above the basement window in the big space left behind.
9. Make sure that expensive garage door opener is installed.  (My husband is scared of them because he had an incident so paying the ridiculous price for RH to do it was his treat)
10. Get rid of the aliens.  ;)

I have to figure out the house rental stuff too.  Does anyone have any advice about renting a home without a property management agency?  I tried to contact two management companies in my area TWICE and neither one got back to me.  ...so I definitely do not want that type of company watching over my investment.  Any advice?  Ideas?  I'm concerned about LAWS and legal documents.