Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here is what happened:

Ok...so long story short....My escrow charges went up by about $500.00 which is the Hazard Insurance and County Property Taxes. My loan officer only put 2 months in the GFE when in reality I have to have 9 months in escrow...and 9 months just happens to be when they started building until the end of the year...so it looks like I'm paying those taxes.  So that was the biggie and it is something that can change but it wouldn't have been such a shock if the LO would have just put it in the GFE to begin with.  So there's another $565.00 difference

My loan officer neglected to put the title insurance in the GFE so that was another $226.00. 

Then..my loan officer only showed that the daily interest charges were for 17 days from Aug. 6 until Sept.1.  Obviously wrong.  It's 26 days...so that almost doubled.

So...all the fees were the same...BUT  make sure you know how many days are in a month and double check your GFE in section A item 10 to make sure your loan officer has counted his days correctly.  Grrrr.  Also...make sure the title insurance is included in the GFE...it's expensive!

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