Thursday, July 26, 2012

We closed early and I decorated last night!!!

Just kidding! I had the chance to view another Venice model.  I LOVE this model!  I love the whole tree theme so I think I have found my first focus on the house decoration.  Whoo hoo!  The hardwood in this model is EXACTLY what we want.  We actually choose it initially and then we backed out and decided to do it ourselves after close so we didn't pay 30 years of interest on it. are the photos of yet another Venice model!  I hope you enjoy.  The only thing I forgot was a picture of the outside!  Ha!

Andover Maple Spice Cabinets with Bronze Hardwood.  That's what I got!

I think I found the tile backsplash I want.  I love it!

Morning Room

Morning Room with A Non Standard Door.  Maybe one day...but not now for us.
I looked into where I can get that 15 panel glass door since they don't offer in my subdivision.  Lowes.  Love it.
Family Room. Wow.

Fireplace.  I love it.  One day I will do something like this with mine. I forgot to check and see if the outside frame is higher too.  If not...then I might be doing this sooner rather than later.  Does anyone know?



Living Room

Entry Way


Bath 1

Bedroom 4

Upstairs Laundry

Largest Bedroom aside from the Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom!

Master Bedroom

Master Bath. 

Killer Walk in Closet

They have all their selections here in the basement!  I wish they had this in mine.  We had to travel all around.

The big room in the basement.

A BAR!  We are going to have a workshop where that bar is.  Looking at this I want to change my mind.



  1. Love the photos! You're so good at taking pictures. What type of camera do you have, and did you go to photography school?

    1. Thanks Danielle. I have a Bachelor's in Fine Arts - Applied Media Arts. I've always been visually gifted. Now...if I could only make a living out of it. :) I'm working on that part. My other secret identity is a Secondary School Science Teacher. I went back to school after my Bachelor's for a Master's in Education with a concentration in Biology (my other love). My camera is a Canon 7D....but I'm working on getting something different because I'm getting pickier and pickier about my images.

  2. I love looking at pictures of the models! I also like the tree theme. Back in may we picked out some artwork for our family room with this theme. You're gonna have to wait to see it though! ;)

  3. We built a courtland near Philly a couple years ago and we love it. We'll tour model homes near us once in a while too. Helps with ideas. Good luck with your build!

  4. I love the rustic wood theme in bedroom 4.

    And andover spice cabinets!!! I picked the same thing! The backsplash looks beautiful. We are doing it ourselves after moving in. I can't tell you how many trips to Lowes and Home Depot I've took looking over different tile. I'm definately keeping that one in mind.

  5. Where is this model at? I love it and I want to go see it!! By the way, we are building up the hill from you...

    1. I know's awesome isn't it? Cool that you are building...I'm guessing on Maple? It's a great view from there. Feel free to stop by and visit anytime. This model, unfortunately, is located in Boiling Springs, PA....about 4 hours away. I have family from that area so I stopped by when I was visiting.

    2. It is really nice! Yeah, we'll be up on Maple. They are supposed to start in October, there is another one up there that is starting before us, then ours and then the ones that just bought 330, and that only leaves one more lot up there but it's under contingency. Originally we were going to be almost right across from you in 314, but I fought hard not to be on that lot, it was just too small for us. I'm excited about our view though, and I really want to get some good pic's from up there when the leaves start changing!!