Saturday, March 21, 2015

I've made money at home and finished my basement in the Venice! quest to find a work at home job has really been super successful. Just the other morning I work up to $900 I wasn't expecting in my paypal bank and I thought...Man!

  I finally found it. I found the work at home gig that I was looking for. Each day since I've been taking the courses in this program have proven to be invaluable. I will NEVER regret the money I've spent or the time I've put into this because it is seriously the real deal. I'm so glad I wasn't afraid to jump in and give it a try...and even better than that, I'm really glad I ditched the whole Ipas2 thing and trusted these guys with their new courses.

  If you are at all interested in learning how to build your own business online and help your local businesses at the same time, message me or something and I'll be sure to give you a little more information. I never thought I'd be someone writing a post like this and I totally know how skeptical some of you may be reading it..but if you have followed my blog at all, you know that I don't ever just type crap and make stuff up. This is a real opportunity and I'm so blessed to have found it. Here is an interview they did of me:             

                          If you decide this is something you might like to try, make sure you go through me because I may be able to help you get a discount or a scholarship (depending on a phone interview) to join. I was on a scholarship and I'm so glad I was. I am forever grateful to this program and I can't wait to pay off my Ryan Home and spend more time in it! :) Here is an example of what I've done and something that is currently paying me while sitting on the couch or walking the dog really! I can post anywhere!

Cool huh? I have some cool stuff I have to the tree sillouettes I painted on the wall (the one w/ the fireplace) and the downstairs! We finished the basement and it makes such a HUGE difference! WE got our carpet from Home Depot on the roll (I really researched this and was going to go with a family owned carpet company but I couldn't get the same great quality of the home depot carpet without spending $1500 more .....I'm so glad I decided on the "cheap" stuff because honestly it is REALLY nice. We did buy the best pad we could and it really really is awesome now. We actually go down there now and just sit on the floor. We have one chair but the floor is more comfortable! I suppose I should make a house review soon since that's what this blog is about huh? Well, I hope you all are enjoying your homes and living the dream! I definitely am and I'm so excited for what the future holds! TTL!