Sunday, January 6, 2013

153 days and Coyotes in the woods!

Wow!  Can you believe we've been in for that much time?  We've had a lot go on with moving in and the holidays.  I look forward to taking some photos and sharing updates (probably in another month or two!) in the future.  We've had a few issues that still need resolved.  Rusmur flooring, which Ryan is using in our area, is on our s@*t list.  We will NEVER pay for them to do anything.  To make a long story as short as possible for now, they screwed up our tile in the master bath, some of it popped off, they fixed it, some of it cracked, they fixed it, some of it popped off again....etc. etc.  It's been a miniature nightmare.  Ryan Homes annoyed us by not putting the hammer down on the company the first time so we are 153 days in and we still do not have a complete bathroom.  I'll explain more and share photos once the whole thing is resolved.  Ryan Homes is coming in tomorrow to do the "final" repair.   Other than that.  WE LOVE our home.   We couldn't ask for a better view from our morning room and our bills are awesome!  We have over 1500 more square feet than our last home and pay less in our utilities.  You've gotta love that!  On a side note:  We have coyotes!!!  It's creepy when they howl at night.  We are definitely going to get a fence to protect our human and furry babies.  We also are happy to see the lot next to us being built! Yahoo!  If I remember correctly her name is Felicia??and his is Dale or Don....or maybe I don't remember at all.  At any rate, they seem pretty cool and have two little ones.  I'm excited!