Monday, September 10, 2012

Some Photos of the Chaos!

Photos of the chaos! Well!  We've been in a month and I feel like I've been on a roller coaster ride.  With teaching starting up again, my photography business busy with weddings and senior portraits, my daughter's new swim lessons (for babies), and oh...I don't know..MOVING INTO MY NEW HOME!!!! ...things have been chaotic. is some of what we have accomplished in the short month since closing.
Mums the word!  At $30.00 for an awesome looking flower box...I couldn't resist!  The lawn is thanks to my AWESOME husband!  For one month of growth from's pretty spectacular.  :)

The "formal" dining room.  We are making it into a study/piano room.  That photo has to be hung up and those boxes gone...but I'm liking it so far.  Maybe throw in an nice area rug on top.

My mother's contribution to the home.  Kaylee's bathroom.
I found some great bath photos that matched!
Rug just inside the front door.  Sorry!  I just didn't feel like rearranging the photos.  I'm TOO BUSY!

Kaylee's Sleeping room.  Yes...she has two rooms!  The rocking chair that goes in that corner is currently in my messy office.

The area that receives the LEAST amount of attention...but we did manage to get a painting and the ceiling fan up.

Master Bath...with a little mess and a paint swatch. 


Family Room.  We splurged and got a plasma.  Dustin built the cool frame that we will stain or paint at some point.  Love it!

New AWESOME table from Sheely's.  Couldn't beat the deal on this so I got that too. 

Here is the bed that my Aunt bought us for the guest/playroom.  It needs some nightstands and definitely a different bedskirt color...but I like the price of this is how it will stay for now.  Oh yeah..and all the blinds you see....that's my aunt.  She showed up like a tornado of blinds...came while I was at work and finished then whisked away to do something else.  I don't even know how to begin to thank her.  Now...I just have to think of window treatments....not privacy.  That's AWESOME!

Another view of the playroom.  I love the owl paintings.  Another Ross bargain.

Hallway decor.  Can you tell I love nature?

 So that's all for now.  The other rooms are too scary messy to share...but I will get around to decorating them and sharing that too.  In the meantime...check out these flower shots that I took at our old house.  I'm thinking of blowing two of them up and putting them in our stairwell:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I promise I will be back! I have a loan question to!

So, I finally figured out why people disappear after their closing.  BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!  If I could pay Ryan Homes to add more time to the day when I purchased the house....I would have done it without a second thought.  We have our garage cleared out (read...basement stuffed) and our lawn looks AWESOME (thanks to husband).  Our neighbors are jealous....but we water it like we're suppose to.  My flowerbox kicks some major butt and some of my decorations are rockin' out the house.  I've found some great decorative steals at Ross Discount store and Marshall's.  Just wait till you see the photos!  I will be back soon....I promise.   OH...and on a "What the crap!" note.  NVR sold the loan to PennyMac and my first payment is still due at the same time BUT the 30 years begins in October NOT in August when we signed.  I could have sworn I paid the first two months mortgage payments so I was not expecting this.  I also paid interest for at least the month of August to why was I paying interest?  And what was I paying it on?  If my loan doesn't start until October......what's the deal?  Any thoughts?  Ideas?  Please share!