Model and Selections

  • Elevation: L
    • Attractive  Features: 
      •  FOUR BEDROOMS or 3 and an OFFICE
      • AWESOME SOAKING TUB in OWNER'S BATH no matter which elevation
      • Options! Options! Options!
      • Nice unobtrusive Stairwell with a SCENIC WINDOW and awesome light fixture
      • 2ND FLOOR LAUNDRY Room!  (Oh yeah!...and it's standard)
      •  Closets come with shelves and hanger posts. Thank Goodness!
      • The WALK IN CLOSET has a window.  Kind of silly but makes me smile....I could have a secret reading place next to a window in a closet.  A place to hide....weird but fun to show my daughter. :)
      • LIGHT! LIGHT! LIGHT!  I love NATURAL LIGHT and this house is going to be beyond my wildest dreams with light but still energy efficient.

      • Linen Closet in the hallway across from the UPSTAIRS LAUNDRY ROOM.
      • LARGE CABINETS and a PANTRY....with a GOURMET KITCHEN ISLAND as an of course we did!

      • LARGE OPEN FAMILY ROOM that is connected to the MORNING ROOM and the KITCHEN.  It's so nice and open.  I can only imagine the breezes that could come through on a summer or fall day.
      • A POWDER ROOM just inside the main entry door and close to the family room.
      • A MORNING ROOM or SUN ROOM.  It kicks butt.
      • SLIDING GLASS DOOR no matter what elevation.
      • Great COUNTER SPACE.
      • Different FLOORING OPTIONS.
      • A 2-CAR GARAGE!!  with optional SIDE DOOR and WINDOW.
      • HOSE BIBS.
      • LANDSCAPING!! 
      • ASPHALT DRIVEWAY and LAND purchase included.
      • SCENIC VIEWS in our development.

  • OUR INDOOR Selections:  (Photos Coming Soon!):
    • Flooring:
      • Kitchen/Morning Room/Entry Way/Powder Room
        • Armstrong Initiator 66177 Vinyl Wear Layer— Vinyl no-wax
          Structure— ToughGuard®
          Warranty— 5-year Limited Residential

      • Dining Rm/Family Rm
        • Baseline 751 ROCKPORT w/ Standard Pad (we are going to replace it with hardwood flooring shortly after closing)
      • Laundry Room/Bath 1
        • Initiator 66202
      •  UPSTAIRS Bedroom/Hallway

        • Baseline 106 WHITE FOX w/ 6lb. Padding
      •  Owner's Bath
        • Brixton BX 03 - Mushroom Floor & Wall & TUB SURROUND with DECO

    • Kitchen Selections:
      • Kitchen Gourmet Island
      • 42" Wall Cabinets: Andover Maple Spice - Timberlake
      • Cabinet Hardware: Bronze
      • Countertop: Golden Mascarello

  • OUR EXTERIOR Selections: (Photos Coming Soon..):
    • Siding:
      • Stone Mountain Clay Lap siding on sides and a little of the front
      • Stone Mountain Clay Cedar Vinyl Siding around garage and front gable
    • Brick:
      • Boral Browns Valley
    • Front Door: 
      • Black with Window!


Elevation L ($2990)
  • Garage Door Opener (My husband is deathly afraid of these...I know...I know.) ($450)
  • 2 Piece Plumbing Rough-In Basement ($400)
  • Window(s) Living Room Side ($475)
  • Morning Room ($4990 for us but normally $14,990)
  • Extra Windows in Morning Room ($990)
  • Kitchen Gourmet Island ($2190)
  • Andover Maple Spice Timerblake cabinets for Kitchen ($990)
  • Cabinet Hardware - Bronze ($200)
  • 42" Kitchen Cabinets (Free for us but normally $790)
  • Upgrade 1 Kitchen Countertops -Golden Mascarello ($690)
  • Recessed Kitchen Light ($690)
  • Gas Hook Up for Gas Range ($275  ...this sucks)
  • Gas Fireplace on side of Family Room with Slate ($3090)
  • Formal Dining Room with Chandelier ($100)
  • Top Upgrade in Owner's Bath includes soaking tub and glass shower surround and overall ceramic surround ($5190) ( you would think there would be a discount if you choose the jacuzzi tub...but there is not)
  • Double Bowl Vanity Owner's Bath ($795)
  • Fairfield Maple Spice Owner's Bath ($50)
  • Black Appliances
  • Chrome Faucets (Standard)
  • Fairfield Maple Spice Bath 1 ($50)
  • Full size Basement Window ($500)
  • Walk-out Basement/ Lot Premium ($4500)
    • Sliding Glass Door Basement (Included but normally $1190)
  • Bronze Light Fixtures (included)
  • 2 Ceiling Fan Rough In -Master Bedroom and Morning Room($300)
  • 1 Light Prewire - Family Room ($100)
  • 1 Outlet add above Mantel for TV ($50)
  • Jacuzzi Tub- Master Bath ($1690)
  • Upgrade Landscaping Package (Free for us but normally $990)
  • Whole House Humidifier ($ 590)
  • They said they were going to give us a dehumidifier at closing.


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  2. Hello, I think your house is beautiful, my family and I are currently building this model as well, I just had to ask, what's your secret?? how were you able to get your morning room for just $4990.00 That's a great deal

    1. It was an incentive to buy in the month we signed the contract, however we did pay a premium on our walkout lot so I'm sure Ryan made up for the "loss".