Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Framing has begun! OMG! OMG!

Front!  I love my topless house. :) We didn't go in because of all the support pieces.  It doesn't look like everything is super secure yet so we held back. Patience Charissa....patience.

If you look at this picture and the one below you will see that this beam is supported by 2x4's on one side and a pole on the other.  My husband and I have a bet as to what is going to be done.  I say the pole becomes 2x4's too but he thinks it will stay a pole.  What do you think?

Do you see just to the right of the door opening?  Should I make a fuss about that?  It's a very obvious rip/tear in the house wrap....or whatever it is.   Does another house wrap go over it?  Hmmm.

Here you can see the dining room window that we got extra on the left.  I thought it was going to be centered in the room.  I was obviously wrong.  I double checked the blueprints and yup...it's not centered in the room. I could have sworn that the SR said it would be centered but I've been wrong before.....

Super awesome excitement for me!  We initially asked for a 2pc rough in and then after thinking about it I decided that was stupid because we have dogs and I really don't want them dragging their little furry muddy butts up through the house.  I asked the PM if he could possibly put in a drain (at the very least) for us so we can do a bathtub in the future. It was too late for the change order so I pleaded for a drain.   We can easily do the water pipes but drains are a whole other story. He didn't ever tell me that the plumber said YES!  Whooo hoo! ...or as another fun blogger has said: "SCORE!" :)

Ok....so here's my big concern for the day.  See the area that I blackened on the right? Can you guess what suppose to go there?  Yes....you are right...it's suppose to be a window.  It was the one thing we decided we'd pay for no matter what the cost.  There is suppose to be a full size window in that part of the basement.  I don't understand why Ryan would take the time to wrap that area if they were just going to cut a hole in it.....so I sent a friendly reminder to my SR and PM.  To be continued.....


  1. I think there is another wrap that goes around your house. At least I've seen some with the Ryan Homes logo on it.

  2. Maybe I should spray paint a box like that and see if they put an extra window in for me too ;-)

  3. Ha ha. I never thought of spray painting. I just edited it in using a photo program. I wish I would have thought of spray paint though.

    UPDATE: The PM says he wasn't there at the start of the framing so he will have them cut the window in.