Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Basement Walls Going Up! Got Slab?

Our soon to be driveway!  See the guy on the right?  Super nice.  Basically he said...it's your house right?  Then you are allowed to walk on those rocks!  Just stay away from the crane when it shows up.  

Ok...so did I ever mention the view?  Even with these slab forms up....I love the view.  Ahh yes.

The right side of the foundation.

I took this shot because I was pleasantly surprised that they graded my backyard to be EVEN BIGGER than it originally was. It was a pretty good slope in the back.  THANK YOU DIRT PUSHING MEN!  I LOVE YOU!  I think when I "jokingly" asked about putting a ton of dirt on the hill so I could have a larger yard was heard by my PM.  Awesome. Gotta love people who listen. This picture was taken at the far right side of my lot.  Yes, that is our yard!  Whoo hoo!

I took this shot because....uhm.....hello?   ....Do you see that view?   Wow. I'm standing on the edge of the lot that will be to the left of my house.  I just can't believe how much space we're gonna have.  I'm so in love.  Part of the reason we went with Ryan Homes was because we felt that the development wasn't shoved into a corner of the city.  We love the wide open spaces in and around this subdivision.  It's nearly perfect and it's called Shenango Woods.  It sounds magical if you ask me.

I took this shot because if you look to the left you can see the retention pond.  It was so pleasant last night to hear the spring peepers peeping about.  So...now I love this pond even more.  It's not super pretty but I bet you it will be!
Holy Cow!  I thought there would be at least a day before they put anything on top of the footers.  Nope...they got those forms up today.  I suppose they will be pouring the walls tomorrow.  I'm going to have to take those guys some cookies or something.


  1. Awesome view!!! No beautiful rolling hills up here in flat Buffalo.

  2. Thanks Charlie. I like your lot with the lakeview. No rolling hills needed if you've got something that cool! :)

  3. Good luck and welcome, this is such an exciting time! --Ericka

  4. Amazing views! We're building a Venice in OH. Wooded lot. But nothing like what you have. Gorgeous!