Monday, April 30, 2012

A Deer, A Pistol and The Footers.

Strange blog name huh?  Well it's all true.  The reason these footer photos are so dark is because I had an incident with a deer and a pistol before I could get to take these photos!
 On my way, a young doe was in the middle of my lane and had just been hit by a car.  It's hoof was almost all the way torn off of its body and it was blowing blood bubbles.  Poor thing.
 So, I stopped, helped it out of the road....well as much as I could.  It couldn't walk on it's missing hoof.  I started to contemplate what to do next because I didn't want the poor thing to suffer.
Then, a van pulled up, a girl with a mini skirt got out with a pretty nice hair do and said: "Do you want me to slit its throat?"  
The Morning Room!

So....I said yes.  I didn't want it so suffer and if we called the Game Commission then I knew it was just going to be shot but it would have suffered longer while we waited.  Then her Dad happened to be coming by and he happened to have a pistol.  And there it was.   A small pop and the poor deer was out of her misery.  Then I was on my way.
 Crazy story huh?

I hope you like the footer photos!  I do!  It took enough of an adventure to get them!


  1. After all that, I'm glad you were able to see the footers. That was quite an adventure!

  2. Yes...and I forgot to mention that she said stated that her family will take it home and eat it. It was a very unusual encounter.