Friday, April 13, 2012

No more Decisions!

Ok!  We have signed our promise to not make any more changes!  I am so happy to not have any more meetings to go to.   On top of that, we cleared my husband's credit report of a fraud account.  Thank Goodness.  His score is much higher now which means a much better interest rate.  Yay!  I was driving around the development, which I do often now because it's less than 5 minutes away, and I saw that they have our plot staked out!  Whoo hoo!  I was a little concerned when I saw how far left that they placed the stakes on our plot so I asked our fabulous sales manager to check into the reason why.  She told me that it was because it help the grading of our lot.  If we had it further to the right then they would have to increase the swale.  Swale?  A swale is lower area of land that is made to help control water run off.  So, to avoid a deep swale the project manager has planned to build our house 10 feet off the left side of our lot.  This is ok because we will get a bigger side yard and still have more room on the left because of the Common area that goes to the retention pond that we HOPE no one will ever want to hang out in.  We've got our fingers crossed. :)

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