Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Pre-Construction Meeting is scheduled!

Our Pre-Construction meeting is scheduled now so we will finally get to meet the guy in charge of building the house! They are actually going to dig exactly 7 days from now.  We meet them 8 days from now.  The hole will already be dug before our meeting.  I'm glad we checked out the stakes and asked about the house placement already otherwise I might be a bit nervous about the pre construction meeting being after the official start of construction.  My only complaint about the meeting is that they are not very flexible with the hours that we can have the meeting. We both work full time so, of course, we are not available during the day.  On top of that, our loan officer wants us to have a large sum of money in the bank at that means we can't afford to not work.  The Project Manager is only available 7am-5pm weekdays and not weekends.  Uhmm...inconvenient and I'm spending a LOT of why can't they accomodate me?  Anyways...we worked it out and Dustin will have to get out of work early on the day of the meeting.  Fortunately, I already had the day off.  But still.....when you spend that much would think there would be flexibility for meetings.  I hope that is my only complaint with the house building process.  It's not too huge of a deal but still worth mentioning.  If you are building a home...expect to rearrange your schedule to fit their needs at some point.

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