Monday, April 16, 2012

My family and my photography.

This is the post where I tell you about two of my loves in life.  The first is Kaylee, my daughter, and Dustin, my husband.  They are both one and the same for me so they both are #1.   The second love of my life is photography.  In 2009 I started a very small company, small meaning just me, so that I could do photography more often. Aside from my full time job as a teacher, I take photos as much as I can of people in love during all aspects of their lives.  I love weddings and newborns especially.  One day I dream of becoming a full-time photographer.  There is something so special about being able to live a moment with others during their special moment in time. are two of my most recent loves in live. The first is love #1 utilizing love #2 and the second is love #2 exploring the beauty of weeds.
  I'm trying to prove that the things we hate so much can also be the things we love so much too. I like the irony of a beautiful weed.  This weed is called garlic mustard. I hope to share some other moments in my life later.  Things explaining why we are moving to a new home from the one we basically built with our own's a sad but true story the will end happily ever after in our new Venice...ha ha.

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