Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Hole.

Here it is.  I love it so much.  Can't stop thinking about it.  The first hole I've ever loved.

This is the view with my back towards the back of our property looking towards the front.  See the Giant hill?  Those are going to be the last lots sold.....they include the Giant hill (Worthy of at least one capital letter because it's huge!).  I'm so glad that we got our lot now. :)

The dirt I love.  :)  It's pretty cool, there is a layer of shale with a little bit of coal!  I'm tempted to look for fossils. 

The view I will see every morning and night (minus the black tarp).  How pretty!  I love the woods. It's a little sparse right now because the green up just started but I'm sure it will be awesome. I can't wait to see what it will look like this fall and winter.


  1. As you look up the hill from where your front door will eventually are looking at the gable of OUR new Ryan Milan model in Shanengo Woods! It's a cottage elevation. Welcome to the neighborhood Charissa! Stop up some day. We close mid June!!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    AWESOME! I was hoping to meet some new neighbors by blogging. I have already been "stalking" the progress of your home. It looks awesome. I love the elevation and all the stone you have. Eventually I will probably be posting photos/elevations of a couple different houses from the development to share with others because it's much easier to make a decision on elevations when you actually see them. I'm sure I'll meet you this summer sometime. I close in the beginning of August or later. They jumped the Ashely Ridge model home ahead of me so my date might be later.