Sunday, April 15, 2012

All staked out!

They staked us out!
Here are some photos of our lot and the stake out....

We wrote "For Kaylee" in the "o" of the sold sign.
   This is our neighbors house.  I'm standing at the edge where the house will be and looking at our future yard!  It's just big enough!
 Here is Dustin standing in his workshop. :)
 This is the view from the neighbors yard.  Our yard starts just before the green snake (the things that help prevent run off while they are building) and goes all the way to the small green utility boxes that you can see on the left.
 And here I am.....Standing in the garage!  Ha ha.  The view behind me is what I will see out of my morning room every morning and night!  :)  Hooray!

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