Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Holes in the Footer?

This shows the basement wrap and the french drain INSIDE the garage walls.  This will be filled with dirt and cement will be poured over it.  See the large square on the sides?  I think that's for some type of support beam.  All the junk in there will be about 10 feet underneath dirt. 
A couple of days ago I saw that there were holes in the footer.  Of course, having no idea about footers or french drains, I questioned the PM.  There were two holes and both had been filled by little rocks which made me wonder even more because it appeared that they were being covered up.  I found out that they were holes for the french drain that they put in the garage.  So if you're wondering why they put holes in your nice new's probably a french drain. :)  Here are pictures of the holes before and a picture of the french drain.  :)


  1. Looks like they are getting things done. So the pond is just right in back of your house?

  2. The pond is just behind our house but it's not as close as the picture makes it appear. The house is probably above it by 60-100 feet. I'm excited because we will be able to hunt for frogs and salamanders for my science classes and to teach Kaylee all about them. :)