Monday, May 21, 2012

Shingles Soon, Neighbors Build, Panaroma for Andrea! -Lots of Pics

Another Venice Elevation L? If it is an L, it's door is different than my elevation L. Hmm.  The siding will be gray (if I remember correctly).  See the Address stone?  I heard from the PM today.  I get one too!  Whoo hoo!

This is the first person who built at the end of my street in the cul-de-sac.  This is an awesome lot location because Ryan said they probably can not built on the lot to the left because it's too steep so they pretty much have a cul-de-sac to themselves.  By the way...did you know that cul-de-sac means "the bottom of the bag" in French?

Hmm....still no window wrap.  Boo.  The ominous clouds say it for me.

Look how tiny the humans are!   I so badly need that space!

Our next door neighbor's house.  It's a Florence Elevation K?  It looks pretty darn cool! Yes Stefanie..I LOVE IT.

Ahh.  So much love in this shot.  Husband. Baby. Bricks. House. Address on Box.  Yes People....this is my life.

My house.  I decided that I do like that fake vent.  I wasn't so sure about it on the blueprints but I do like it now.  And you know what else I like?  Those shingles that magically appeared on the roof.

The Sliding glass door that you see in the house photo above.  Self Explanatory.

A sign that the basement cement might be poured?

Boo!  This is where the "Won't Fit Job" Sliding Glass door belongs.  Instead..I have fungus.  Eck!

Yup.....even close up I still hate it.  Should I make a fuss about this?  Please tell me.  When should I ask about it?  I don't want to annoy the PM with 50 million questions and I want to trust they will do right by me but this is my FIRST and hopefully last big investment of this size.....and I want it right the first time.  Can you blame me?
UPDATE:  I did ask the PM about the mold and he said they spray it when they have mold issues.  I hate mold.
UPDATE #2:   The PM said they use JOMAX to get rid of mold.  Anyone ever hear of that?

I'm working on photos to hang in the house that are more artistic.  Even with the porta-john I kind of like this one. is Andrea's house.  I LOVE the garage door and I am so happy to be getting one just like it....but in white.  The only thing that I thought was a little weird today was that the stone was removed above the window.  Andrea said this was because they are replacing it with the correct stone.  I just don't understand why they do double the work on some things. 
This is just for Andrea.  It's the view she will see outside of her home. :) Not too shabby!


  1. Nice photos! The should at the very least clean off the fungus.

    It makes me wonder how many other things that they come across that "WON'T FIT" since they made a sticker for that scenario...hmm

  2. I give all the credit to a higher being for these photos. I just clicked the shutter button....but the clouds were created elsewhere.:)

    "Won't Fit" = I wonder if that means I get a better door or a worse one.

  3. The "Won't Fit" sticker just cracked me up. I have to agree with Thomas that it must be a common since they bothered to have stickers made.

    I hope they do something about the fungus. I would definitely be talking to the PM about that.

    Score on the address stone :)

  4. Isn't your door supposed to be a glass front door? I built a venice cottage elevation k in fayette farms and our door is a full glass front. Its beautiful and really stands out from everyone elses. I would ask if that is what you like! I also have your same windows, stone, and a pretty flower box.

  5. Kathryn - Yes..My door will be glass. The first photo is not my house it is a neighbor's house. I'm not sure if it's elevation L or not because of the door. If it is..perhaps they asked for a regular door?

  6. We had a won't fit sticker on a door as well, it doesn't actually mean it won't fit the opening it means it didn't fit on the original load of building materials that were dropped at the house. Someone had to bring it out on a different trip. That door doesn't go in until the basement is poured. Our PM wouldn't have the basement poured until the roof was done so that it wouldn't get drip marks on it.

  7. James, thank you for the explanation. I didn't think of that. I just saw the sticker and how they laid it up against the dumpster. Do you know of anyone that has had a moldly 2x4?

  8. OK...first off the stonework didn't 'fall off' from above the window of our house. It was actually removed by the contractors. The PM is replacing it with the correct eyebrow stonework that he had ordered. They are not yet completely done with the stonework and things change from time to time after inspections. Also, regular doors are put on the homes until after most of the work is complete. This way those glass front doors don't get damaged or cracked. You just need to ask Mike about these things before you get concerned about them. Not everything you see is shoddy workmanship or problems, so don't get so worked up. It's best to communicate with Mike first. Thanks for the panorama shot!

  9. Hi Andrea...Sorry for the assumption. I actually didn't see the stone until I was processing the photos. I was all excited to get a photo without the van for you. I felt the need to explain what I saw. Thank you for the correction. Also, thanks for clarifying about the doors. I was wondering what was going on. That totally makes sense! How did you find out? I do ask Mike quite a few questions but I try to reserve my emails to him only about my home and things that I could not live mold which makes me ridiculously sick. Everything you see me comment about on my own home is generally addressed with Mike and I totally plan to document how they handle it so that other people can know what to expect and what to look for whether it is Good, Bad or Indifferent. I am blogging to get rid of my own aniexty.....I don't get worked up in real life because I can release my minimal frustrations here. My intention is NOT to purposively put anything negative out there to harm anyone's reputation but to seek the truth of the events unfolding before me. From my perspective, I'm documenting what I see and if I am wrong and corrected I am absolutely thankful for that. So please...correct me freely. :) I'd like to think that by documenting all of this that it will help someone in the future feel like they are not wrong for questioning and being inquisitive about things that have to do with the building process.

    Thanks again for keeping an eye out!

    1. Understood. It scared our friends who follow your blog so much that they text me at 11pm about it. We hadn't seen it ourselves but figured that it was the correction. There was other stone morter that had to be redone as well. Ryan has been great with us during the process but it still make ya anxious. Good luck with the mold. I'm sure they will handle it or replace the board. Weather can be helpful or a hinderance.

    2. Perhaps I should put a disclaimer on my blog? It scared me too, to be honest, but I know how to repair stuff like that so I wasn't too worried for my own sake. Tell your friends that I am sorry if they got worried. I've just never seen anything like that before. Forgive me for my ignorance. Ryan has been good with me too. I really was impressed with my SR and my Loan Officer. I really like the PM thus far. He is very prompt with his replies to me and helps to alleviate many of my worries. I am not so impressed with some workmanship that I've seen but I am incredibly picky when it comes to aesthetics so I see things that other people might not ever even think twice about. Nonetheless, I'll be glad when all the building is over and I can start nitpicking at my own workmanship on the many projects that will come soon after we move in. :)

  10. We didn't have any mold show up but we also got lucky with our build and the house was wrapped with a roof before it ever got rained on. I would ask them to replace, I had them replace some interior framing just because of how badly milled the 2x4's were. I don't think asking not to start with mold spores behind the door frame is a bad idea.