Friday, May 18, 2012

A Question for you all.

So I was dreaming of my new home last night and I realized two things that I don't know the answer to that perhaps you all can answer for me.

1. Do the Plygem windows come with screens?

2. If we have a brick front do we get a stone block with our street number in it?  I noticed that several of my neighbors have this.  What are your observations?



  1. 1. Yes
    2. Not sure, but those are two different textures which don't necessarily go together, I would say no, but ask your SR, they will definitely know.

  2. The address stone is extra. In our community, it was $250.

  3. In our community the stone address block was included with the brick front.

  4. The address stone cost extra in our community. We didn't get it though since the address is on the mailbox and on the garage.

  5. The stone address is $200 more in our community.

  6. in my neighborhood, all houses built before 2009 had the stone house number blocks, houses built since don't.