Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Roof is on and a small annoyance.

They installed the roof on Friday.  It looks like a real house now!  Just a few little quirks I had to email the PM about.  1. A cracked window which I'm sure will be fixed.  And the other is listed below.  I specifically checked for this because I saw it caught by a few home inspectors on some of the Ryan Homes.  It looks like I'm one of the lucky few it happened to too.  :(

Can you see it?  The stairwell window (which is on the right) is not wrapped correctly.  :(  It's so stupid of the workers to do this.  They put several nails in AND taped it in.  Now they will have to do double the work just for something that would have taken a moment to do in the first place.  Ugh!  The lack of smart decision making kills me!

Here's a close up.  It's taped and you know there are more nails than what we can see.
 Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Did you know that all they put on the roof gables are ThermoPly?  It's surprisingly thin.  They do have 2x4's on the inside but this is something that still surprised me.  Don't go bashing against the gable walls in your might fall out. Ha ha.  I asked a contractor friend of mine and he said is doesn't make much difference in insulation whether it's this stuff or OSB.  Well...okay..if he says so.


  1. I forgot to mention something else too. I saw some other bloggers concerned about it so I'm mentioning it for those of us that don't know. The workers leave space between the boards that are put on the roof on purpose. This is especially important in areas where weather changes frequently. It allows the roof to contract and expand freely which is what you want. :)

  2. They put the ThermoPly on non-inhabitable spaces especially the gables usually since it is cheaper and easier to install :-\

    I would rather have OSB, but you can't have it all I guess.

  3. Hmm. It looks like the construction of your home is going on quite well. I think the house looks lovely. I do feel your inconvenience with all those problems popping up, but I’m sure that all will soon be over and you’ll have a lovely home for your family. :D
    Paul Lawson