Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keeping Things in Check.

I want to make sure I show the positive side of this building process too.   Since I don't have any pictures I have a question for you all and a few positive thoughts to present.  :)   First off,  the bad always comes with the good....otherwise we wouldn't know what good really was.  If you see me blog about that's just because it's what was nagging me and I really appreciate the support I get from all my blogger friends to find the "balls" to address it with the PM.   Building a house is not the time to be shy about things.  So THANK YOU blog buddies. here's my super awesome list of positive things that I can think of that I love about using Ryan Homes so far:
1.  The process. about informative and easy to understand.  The SR, loan officer, Flooring people and PM are easy to talk to and very professional.  If I've annoyed them, they have never let me know or have even hinted for a second that I might be "that buyer".  This puts them on the top of the list of people I have ever had the pleasure of having a business transaction with.  I can freely voice my concerns, feel heard and am even encouraged to continue to seek answers to my endless questions about almost everything under the sun. Even when I've been wrong, they have never told me to take a back seat and step out of the building process. This is professionalism at it's best.  

2.  The ease of the build.  They don't monkey around.  When they say it's going to happen....put on your seatbelts because the ride begins NOW.   So Exciting!

3. The variety of selections and options.  Although some are more costly than I would prefer, they let you know your options and encourage you to build your dream house first.  Then, once you realize your dream is pretty expensive, they let you change your mind enough times so you don't freak out and feel secure in your final decisions.  I can't say how invaluable this is.  I changed so many things by taking things off, putting things on....etc....until I found my comfort level.  The process they took me through has allowed me to trust that I can do this and I did make the right decisions.  Building a house this big scares me to death......Ryan Homes helps to take out the scary for me.

4. Quality. not everything is the absolute best you can buy but I believe for the value you get good quality.  I've been in other builders homes and I have to tell you...we went with Ryan because those other builders lacked in quality compared to other homes in the same price range.....not to mention the development locations chosen by Ryan far outmatched the competitor's in almost every neighborhood that I've spyed on...including ours.

Ok...well my lunch is over...but this is a pretty good start.  I'll work on putting a little more positive in later. :)

Before I go: Here's my question......How do you all keep yourselves in check in regards to your purchases?  I keep thinking about everything I would love to put in my home.   Like...I don't need a new washer and dryer but the pair I have is yucky and gross and have been in my old wet basement......How can I put these old danky things in my nice new 2nd floor laundry room?     I know it sounds silly but I'm really fighting some shopping demons.  Is this just a girl thing?


  1. Great list! I'd add to it and say value. The price per sq foot is amazing. We could never afford as much house with a custom build. I definitely feel like it was worth it for us to trade some of the options with a custom build, with the size, speed and low-risk of a RH. The fact that you are not on the hook if they run into problems while building is amazing!

    Um, let me know if you figure out the other. We totally struggle with the shopping issue -- but mostly are deciding what's most important. We splurged on flooring/tile, but did not get the finished basement. We will probably splurge on a fancy fridge, but get a cheaper washer/dryer.

  2. I agree with everything on your list! As for the shopping, I've been going crazy! I have an old washer and dryer too but we will be renting out our condo after we move. This was a great excuse for me to leave them behind! I'm not actually purchasing anything until the DAY we close! Our loan officer said that any large purchases could throw off closing so we aren't allowed to spend anything. That being said, I have picked out a washer, dryer, refrigerator, a table and chairs for my morning room, table and chairs and a hutch for my formal dining room. I've even ordered (not paid for!) a two couches, a coffee table, two accent tables, two accent chairs, a rug, and some artwork for our family room! I've picked out cabinets for the laundry room, a dehumidifier for the basement, and a shoe shelf for my closet. I've even looked into landscaping and patio companies even though we won't be doing any of that for the first year.

    I've been busy! Can you tell? That's the bad part about having so much time while they are building my house. I have more time to shop, shop, shop!! There's nothing wrong with picking out the stuff early. That makes it less stressful when you actually get to move into the house. Packing, moving, and unpacking, is time consuming enough. Your major decisions will already be made and you have had plenty of time to make sure that those choices are what you want to stick with!

    1. One more thing, the current object of my shopping is ceiling fans. I have to somehow pick out SIX of them and I can't even find ONE that I like! Ugh.. it never ends!

  3. For me it is the priority things keeping me in check, like the things you cannot live without or not without a lot of 1st world suffering

    - Refrigerator
    - Window blinds
    - Security system
    - Water softener
    - Dehumidifier(s)
    - Garage door opener
    - New food after moving (silly but need some good foodz while unpacking)

    The things I want like a Nest thermostat, new TV, and a Porsche 911 will have to wait a while or a pile of gold drops from some Ryan Homes rainbow onto my lot. I also want to spread out the new things to keep the feeling fresh and not be overwhelmed with the purchases right at the start.

    IMO, I would hold off on the washer and dryer and save that for next year to get what you want then.