Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Window Update and a Metal Strip.

Look at all those outlets!  :)  Happy.  The highest outlet is for the Range or Microwave depending on what you get.  We have a gas stove so for right now it's just a range hood.

More outlets and the fireplace.  I should have asked for the electric box to be moved up above the fireplace.  I didn't notice it until I looked at this photo.  It's kind of low for a Television.  What do you think?

My ulcer.
Close up.  Yup....it's messy but at least it's there.  I'm so glad they are going to redo it.  It's what I would do if I could repair it myself so I'm so happy that they are willing to redo it for me. I look forward to a smooth piece of tape on the inside and an overlap on the outside that makes sense to me....and the installation instructions that I found.

Interesting little tidbit.  That metal strip is required code in the Carolina's for hurricane's and high winds.  They do it here in PA too....even though we don't need it.  Good to know. :)

I just thought this was cool looking.  Cold, Hot and Electric!

The furnace and hot water heater.  I love all the natural light!

They are starting the brick on the face of the house!  Oh Boy!
I've had a really busy day. First I called the codes enforcement to ask about window flashing and what was acceptable.  Then I sent an email with pictures to the Ryan Homes customer service provided in the home owner's handbook.  I found out the that the building inspector for the township we're building in was going to the house and that he was going to check out the window.  Once I knew that  I hopped in the car in hopes that I'd run into him to have him explain the situation to me.  He wasn't there but I did meet him (I'll get to that).  When I got to the house I met the Project Manager's second hand man.  A super nice guy and I really enjoyed and appreciate all the information he gave me.  He said that the flashing was redone and that it looks kind of bad because the tape is really sticky so it stuck to itself.  He said he guaranteed that it won't leak.  I still questioned the overlap on the outside which is not following the installation instructions.  He said it's just cosmetic. I really appreciate the time he took to talk to me about almost everything in the house and I got to meet the guy who's putting the brick on.  I let him know that I love him and dropped off some Gatorade's and donuts.  :)  Anyways....then the Project Manager called me and told me that the window thing was getting out of hand because he was getting calls from the District Manager about it.  He said I just didn't understand what was done.  He finally took the time to call me and answer all my questions and explain his reasoning as to why it was all ok.  If he would have just done this in the beginning I'm sure things would not have gotten this frustrating.  To make a really long story short, I feel much better about the Project Manager again because he took the time to talk with me.  I still wasn't feeling confident about the window but I was willing to accept it for the most part.
 A little while after I talked to the the Project Manager I got a call from his boss.  He apologized to me that I had to take all the pictures and go the extent of emailing them and then he said this: "The pictures are very telling."   He agreed that the window was not the same as the others and that although he does not think it will leak, Ryan Homes is going to completely take the window out, flash it like all the others so that I can have peace of mind.   Now that's what I'm talkin' about!  It's exactly what I wanted and exactly what I needed to make me feel like Ryan Homes IS the company I thought it was.  Now...I just need to see it done.  When I dropped off the Gatorade I got lucky and saw the codes enforcement guy at the house.  He said it looked like the flashing was ok but that he was going to request to see the installation instructions so that he could double check.  I feel so much better about this now.  I KNOW that an inspector looked at it and I know that I'm no longer being brushed aside about this window.  Thank goodness.  By the way, the codes officer told me that most times they do not check these sorts of things because they normally trust that the contractors are following the building codes.  He told me that it was incorrect in the beginning if the flashing was not under the sill. He also said the Ryan Homes is VERY good at doing what they do and this would be a very very odd sort of thing.  The framer, who is an independent contractor, is the person who installed the window and fixed it and fixed it and will be fixing it again.  This time, someone in upper management is asking for a picture to be taken of the repair for me and so that he can see that it matches all the other windows.  SO after all this work...I finally feel rewarded.  I feel like I'm getting the house I want and I can love every last little tiny bit of it...window included. :) 

Oh yeah...and I got the get go to lock in my interest rate so you better believe that I'm on the phone with my loan officer tomorrow.  They said the house will be ready mid July now instead of the beginning of August.  I can close early if I want but I don't have to because my contract says August.  I love the option. :)  I need to see what the advantages of either option is first before I decide what I want to do.


  1. WOOOT! Nice work there in pushing to get it done right and I am glad they came through in the end. Even I feel better!

  2. You could see if the could move that electrical outlet up a little since that might be a minor change. Since you are planning to put up a TV you could also ask them to put up some wood blocking so you would have an easier time mounting it.

    Here is an example from our friend Mike:

  3. YEA! Congrats on the window progress.

  4. So glad they are finally going to do what's right and completely redo the window. Good for you for standing up for yourself and not letting them tell you it was fine when it wasn't!

  5. Awesome update! So glad RH is making things right! And you better believe I will be inspecting every last inch of my windows now! Haha!

  6. this just goes to show "persistence wears down resistance".
    Good job!

  7. Glad that you were able to get the window issue resolved....makes me feel a lot better being that we are breaking ground next week....I hope that your able to get the interest rate locked in very soon because the rates are fantastic at the moment