Saturday, June 30, 2012

AWESOME TRIM and a Chipped Tub.

Look how crowded the kitchen is!  The workers were there doing a great job. :)

The cabinets that I will miss going in. I won't be able to check out the house for a whole week.  Oh my...what will I miss?  I bet you the flooring and the cabinets are all in by the time we get back. 

Look at that trim!  The trim guy is working hard in this heat!  He's very good at his job.  I love it!

Look how nice that edge looks!

I love the trim around this window.  It looks awesome...and that's just my closet!

The most upsetting thing I've seen today.  We really splurged when we decided to get a jacuzzi tub.  I LOVE taking baths.  For some reason, they put a new tub in place of the old one.  I guess the PM saw that it wasn't in the same way as the model home and had ordered a new one.  They took it upstairs and redid the plumbing so that the faucet would be more out of the way just like the soaking tub is in the model home.  The only problem is that this new tub is cracked.  :(   I hate that.  I wish they would have just left things alone because I'd much rather have a faucet on the left than a cracked and broken tub.  I don't care where the faucet/drain is really....but I do really care about this cracked tub.   It's a brand new tub...there shouldn't be cracks.  There is only one solution I can think of for this situation.  What do you all think?  Please...I need advice.

The master bath cabinets!

Master bath mirror and some freak blocking the view to the awesome looking tile.  Geesh!

Totally kick *#& closet in the 4th bedroom!  (New Photography Office!)

I can't wait to use this countertop and sink!

The front stoop was poured and we have stairs!

The concrete apron. :) You can also see the front siding being started!

Watch out.  Concrete aprons can be scary.  Approach with CAUTION.  


  1. The trim does look fantastic! Everything is really coming along :)
    I'm sure they will replace the tub... Total bummer though :(

  2. I can assure you that they have "people" who repair tubs. These are the same guys that fix boat hulls and such. We had a crack/chipped hole in both tubs. The guy came and fixed it and now you can't notice it even up close when scrubbing. So talk to your PM and understand his plan for repair. If it's a repair, try to relax and know the tub repair guys are top notch!

  3. Everything is looking great. I agree with Sgt.Rich, If they repair the tub you won't notice a thing.

  4. I think that they will patch it as Sgt.Rich said. As long as it is not in a place that has weight put on it then it should be fine (ie. inside the tub where you sit/stand). I had a spot in our old tub that took several attempts for it to be fixed before the "patch" held.

    Either way I would talk with the PM and express your concerns so that he can make sure that it is made right.

  5. They will repair that tub. Tubs get cracked and scratched (and even holes) all the time during construction. They had put our faucet in our face originally and when they moved it and the knobs there were three holes. They are fixed so well that even on top of the edge you can't find them unless you know where they were. Even then, you have to look very hard at just the right angle in just the right light.

    1. Thanks for the tub comments. We snuck in last night while they were putting drywall in the garage and the tub had the faucets "in your face" and the drain moved to the opposite side! I was so upset I almost puked. The crack was one thing...but a faucet in my face is a WHOLE other story. Who sits in a tub with a faucet on your head? I had Dustin call the PM and he said they will replace it. I just couldn't call him. Not only that...there was a hole in our Family room ceiling now from them moving the tub. They said they moved it because they realized they put it in backwards (the motor can not sit on the outside wall). I'm glad to see what you put Tammi because it's much better to know someone who's been through tub trauma than it is to think you're all alone. (ha ha!) Although it seems as though their tub repairs are top notch (according to all of your comments)...I still would rather have a new one because I'm paying for new. If not...then I need a discount please. Call me crazy...