Friday, June 15, 2012

Cottage Garage Door! Asphalt! Drywall! Holla!

Wow...You wouldn't think asphalt, garage doors and drywall would be so exciting!  Check this out!  Very Happy to see all this!  I do have a questions for you all too...look below.


Asphalt!  Thank you Lord!

It looks like the grout is ALMOST dry.  I REALLY hope those lighter ones that stand out are just muddy.  To me..they stick out like sore thumb.  Other than looks AwEsOmE!

We opened the garage door and found CABINETS & COUNTERTOPS!

Golden Mascerello.  It looks much better than this...but this is still pretty good.  There is a protective film on it.

Morning Room!  I can not wait to use this.

Check out those Recessed Lights!

You can see our fireplace, the extra outlet above the fireplace and the Light rough in here.
Kaylee loves it.
She loves it so much, she is speechless.....which is rare.....just like Mommy.  Ha ha.

Here lies the corners of my house.  They are ready to go!

Love the door!  Look at all the light!

Did you know that we get a doorbell?  I know it's trivial...but whoo hoo!  That's what the highest outlet is for.

My new Photography Room. This will be a place of great creations....more than photography.  I've got some other hidden talents that this room may bring out of me.  I can breathe and spread out projects.  Only time will tell.

Kaylee's New Room!  Daddy says that she HAS to get the big room right off the bat.  I was hoping it would be a playroom/Total Gym room...but I like Daddy making choices for us too.  So Bedroom it is!

This smaller room will be the play room and I will probably put that Total Gym in the Photography Room or next to the glass door in the basement.
The view from the Owner's Bath.  Too bad the bathtub is not elevated.  Oh well..more reasons to get a hot tub for out back.
WALK IN CLOSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here is the sliding glass door in the basement.  See how they leave the underside bare? I wish they would finish it off with some brick.  Does anyone know why they do that?  I checked out the neighbors, who have stone, and they left it like that too.  They just put dirt up on it.  Any idea why?  Please tell.  Also, does anyone else have a walkout where they did something different?  It just looks so unfinished and quite frankly....kind of crappy.

I wonder what they will do above this window.  I'm hoping that it will be brick and they just forgot.  Fingers Crossed.


  1. Looks great and yay for being part of the Golden Mascarello group!!! lol

    1. Oh also... were the garage doors a special order or is that what is standard in your neighborhood?

  2. This is the Garage Door that comes with Elevation L for us. I assumed it was for all Elevation L's....but I do not know for sure.

  3. Maybe they will put a concrete step there at the patio? Can't imagine that they would leave it like that.

    It is really looking sharp with the drywall up! I am jealous of the garage door and the windows it has.

  4. I'm excited to have a doorbell too!