Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Brick on the Front is Done!

The address stone is missing but it was reordered.  Apparently someone took off with it!  Yikes! I'm also hoping that when it dries you will not see such a difference between the top and the bottom.  It is very obvious in this picture.  I almost prefer the look of it when it's wet (on the top).  Hopefully it will all mesh together.  To be continued....

Lookin' good! My other worry is that lighter brick on the right.  It looks like it might just be mud or dirt.  I'm hoping it is and that it washes off. 

I wonder what they are going to do with this?  I believe I'm paying for it so I'm going to ask to keep it.  I could build a platform for our grill our outline a patio with it.  I hope they let me keep it. UPDATE:  The PM said we could keep it since it doesn't match the sample anyways it probably won't match any other houses.  He's going to put it off to the side of the lot for us.  Whoo hoo!

The neighbors stone to grade.  Pretty!  It is very nice to look at.  Here you can't see pink in the Autumn Beige at all.  The stone really helps pull out the neutral colors from the siding.  I can't tell it's Autumn Beige today.

Here is the fixed window.  The arrows show where some tape seems to not be adhering.  I'm guessing this will be fixed when they do the siding.  At any rate...it looks better than before and the tape around the window seems to overlap correctly.  I hope the Protecto wrap they used on the house wrap is as good as the other tape they used for the other house wrap seams.  My only worry here is adhesion. But it appears to be ok. Fingers crossed.
Here is what it looked like before.  Tape not overlapping correctly around the window.  The Project Manager said that it didn't matter but they redid the window anyways.

Basement Walk out finished. :)  I'm thinking we might need to get a hot tub for that corner.  I'm not exactly a hot tub person....but I can be. :)

The Special Request.  Full Size window for the basement.

Here is the guy who runs the phone lines and electric lines to the house.  He said that Verizon does not provide a wire for them to run to the houses but Comcast does.  So our home will get Comcast easier if we choose to buy it.  Verizon would have to run their own line.  He said he asks Verizon to provide a wire but they do not.

Would you worry about stuff like this?  It's a hole in the mortar of the brick.  There are quit a few of them but I'm not sure it matters since this brick is purely cosmetic and I can't imagine anyone looking at it as closely as I do.  What would you do?

They have the bathroom vent and the dryer vent? in!  :)  Should I worry about that hole in the house wrap right in the middle bottom of this photo?

Gas pipes.  I wish this could have been on the other side of the house.  I'm not sure why they put it here but oh well.  No biggie.  Landscaping can take care of it.

Remember the new construction?  It is an Oakmont!  Awesome lot.  We would have taken this lot or the one next to it if they could have built a Venice with a morning room on it.  I really wanted a Venice with a morning room though.
Remember this?  See that missing stone over the bottom windows?
Remember these backward shutters?

Here is Andrea's house almost done!  They re did the windows AND they fixed all the shutters that were placed on wrong.  They even planted a little tree in the yard and did some landscaping.  It looks awesome! Closing must be close!  They even put the flower box underneath the windows.  I wonder if they will plant flowers in it for Andrea before closing.  That would be too cool if they did.  I will update if they do!


  1. Your brick looks great! I'm curious about what they do with the extra brick as well. Let me know if they let you keep it. My sister has a different builder but they left the extra brick in her garage for her to keep.

    I'm totally jealous of your walk-out basement and your full-size basement window! I see you in the reflect :) That would be a perfect place for a hot tub. We are going to put one in too eventually.

    1. *Reflection I meant...

    2. I am going to have to ask for the extra brick. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Wish I had thought of that with the extra brick. We had quite a bit left in the yard when they finished as well, but they took it. Not to worry about the color and shading, though. After the mortar has had a few days to dry, they acid wash the brick so it is all clean and even and beautiful. Walk-out basement and full-size window are awesome !!

  3. Your house looks great! I would put a hot tub back there also!