Friday, June 8, 2012

I love my Ryan Homes Venice

You say you love the Ryan Homes Venice?  That is big news!

They are almost done with the free brick to grade upgrade and the front brick that comes with Elevation L.  Yes!

Can you even tell which window was the issue now?  Nope.  Nice job Ryan Homes!
Check out that wrap on the bottom sill.  How nice and neat.  I love it.  I also love the Owens Corning R-15 insulation.

They got the insulation in!  Mike noticed how the garage stairs are a little off so he will reset them.  I'm glad I didn't even have to say anything. :)

Here's the fireplace.  Ryan Homes put the outlet in for our future plasma or flat screen TV.  I thought the outlet was a little bit low and Mike said that they can fix that no problem.  That's Mike on the right there.  Doesn't he have a great hat and such nice blue eyes! He loves working with wood and doing construction. You can tell by the way he talks about the work.

This is the morning room with the sheets of plywall in it ready to be put up.

This is some of the best gas piping that you can buy. (That's what Mike told me!)  It's so beautiful.  Also, check out how all of the HVAC and utility type things line up.  You can put a wall around this and everything is all in one place.  Behind the furnace there is a very large hot water tank, guardian box, main water source and the electrical box for the house.  It's so nice that it's all in one spot.

Secret Hidden Storage Area in the Venice.  In the model home here they don't have anything under the stairs.  It's just a closed off wall.  BUT LOOK at all that potential storage space you could use in a finished basement!  I would suggest anyone getting a finished basement look into asking about having this dry-walled with a full size door for some spectacular storage options along with the utility area.  When we finish the basement you better bet this will be a closet of some sort.
We had our Pre-Drywall meeting today!  That window was redone and my super awesome and totally fabulous Project Manager, Mike, made sure to show me the pictures of the window out and the window in.  Awesome!  They fixed it like the bunch of pros they are and then followed through to make sure it was done as they promised.  It can't get better than that....can it?  Oh YES it can!  Mike showed us around the house and talked to use about all the great things that Ryan Homes puts in their homes.....we are talkin' quality here!  Everything that is Energy Star was explained and the house will get approved for Energy Star (just like the building/framing codes and electrical codes are) before they put the drywall on.  They think this might be Monday. are some pictures of all the excitement.  Thanks Mike.  I feel so good about all this now. You've done a great job so far! :)


  1. Congrats on FINALLY getting that window fixed!

  2. Great pics and progress! And congrats on that window fix!

  3. The window looks much better now for sure!

  4. If you have little kids, you can easily turn that area under the stairs into their little "hangout" area.

    1. oh, and I really like that gas line(s) setup. And they left you and open port. Maybe a direct line hook up to a gas grill? nicely done.