Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Early Morning Visit. Another Build and Some Details. Happy FATHER'S day!

First of all:  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!  To all you Dad's or soon to be Dad's or wanna be Dad's.  (Dad's is capitalized on Father's Day.....that's how it should be.)

I was up all night for some reason so I ventured out to the neighborhood this morning around 6am.  It was great lighting.  Here is what I was up to:
My new place.  My house is on the left. There are still some lots ready to be sold..but they are going fast!

One of my neighbors on the hill.  It looks like they are almost done siding it. Venice Elevation B. I think.

Here is there sliding glass door with the walkout basement.  I noticed they don't have brick underneath it either.  I wonder what Ryan Homes is going to do.  I just can't imagine them leaving it like that...but I can't assume things.
Here is their basement window.  It has a tiny little space above the window. Not as much as mine though.

Here's the space above my window.  There is a lot more.
Here is a close up of the Basement Sliding Glass Door on my house.  You can see the nailer on the door....but no nails because it's on the slab.  It looks to me like there is plenty of space to put the brick across.  My concern with doing nothing here is that part of the door is not supported.  It's just kind of hanging over this ledge.  Thoughts?  Ideas?  Does anyone know what they do?  And yes...I will be asking the PM. I asked one of the SR's and she wasn't sure.

Another view of the house.  Because I'm sure you want to see it again and again....just like me. :) for some details:

This is one of the things that kept me up last night.  I kept thinking about the placement of the faucet on my tub.  In the model it is placed on the right hand side against the wall.'s next to the walk in shower on the left.  At first I was upset that it wasn't like I expected it to be (like the model home) and then I realized that with the tub this way, my back would be against the wall and I could look into the bedroom or the rest of the bathroom while I was soaking. complaints here.  Having more things to view while I'm curing my arthritis is not a bad thing and this is the best placement for the faucet in that case.  I'd like to think my PM thought that through just for me...but I'm thinking it was just easier for the plumber.

I took this to remind me that there is a missing outlet here.  There should be an outlet on one of those studs.

Venting in the roof.  It's why not take a picture.  I noticed there seems to be a lack of it on the left side.                 Big deal or not?  I'm not sure.

They did the majority of the grading.  It's pretty nice.  We have a very large yard and I like that a lot.

Here is the best shot I could get of the countertops.  They come with the sink already in place.  I found this interesting.  I'm going to LOVE that gourmet island.  I can't wait until it is installed!

I had a "Thomas" moment here. But I don't have anything nearly as funny to say.  Just some info about a tub. This is an extra jacuzzi tub!  Maybe I won a prize and they're going to put this in my basement for me to enjoy a bath there too!  I wish.

The front stoop column has arrived!

The recessed light on the front stoop all ready to go.  The trim needs a little work..but there is still time.


  1. I think they would have to put brick there now that you show the closeup shot. It is the right depth there for the brick and I cannot see them leaving the nailing tab for the door exposed like that.

  2. Your blog is adorabs. I am sure they will do something with that unfinished part...but of course, you cannot assume..

    1. Thanks! I got a call from another one of my fabulous SR's who was there when I discovered the brick under the door was not done. She must have seen how disappointed I was that it was so ugly and unfinished looking. What great attention to detail! She called me the next day and said that she wanted me to know that she talked to the PM and that there would be brick there. Yippee! Thanks Lindsey! You Rock! I love not having to even say anything to my PM. :)