Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thank you RickNadase!

I called my credit cards today and all of the major ones (Chase, Citi and my Credit Union) said they could add him as a "liability" no problem.  This would then add him to the account without changing my credit and help him build good credit. It should be effective the next billing cycle...which is the end of this month. It's a little longer than I want to wait but it's still before my closing so I guess it's AWESOME!   Thanks to RickNadase !   
FYI:  The credit bureaus were NOT as helpful in giving me information on how to help my situation.  The customer service rep from Chase was exceptionally informative. 


  1. You are welcome, Charissa! I am so happy everything worked out! :-) Time to celebrate!

  2. That's why I love this blog community…nice work, RickNadase! Glad it worked out for you Charissa!

  3. Thanks everyone. I will celebrate when I see that credit score in existence and that rate locked in. Has anyone heard what the big news was? Is it that the FHA loans are harder to get now or was it something else that was announced today? Does anyone know? Please share.

  4. Hope it all works out for you! I had a similar situation where we got a call from our loan officer saying "I've never seen this before". Turns out my husband's 2010 taxes were rejected and he somehow never realized that he didn't get his refund. It's too late to e-file for a prior year so we had to hand deliver his taxes to the IRS and get a date-stamped copy which NVR says they will accept so that we can close in 2 weeks. Otherwise it will be postponed at least 6 weeks until they can get a transcript from the IRS.

    Oh, and my husband is an accountant. Go figure.


    Hope everything works out!

    1. I feel your pain. Thank you for feeling mine! I'm not alone.

  5. Good to hear that they were able to add him. Sounds like this may do the trick.