Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Included Features.....can change at any time.

Well..we are less than 24 hours away from our final walk through!  Whoo hoo!  So I'm sitting here going through the contract and the list of all the features and I'm writing down questions and all sorts of things.
Guess what I found out?   Instead of having Aluminum Soffits as listed in our included features...we will have vinyl. I really not really.  What I dislike a smidge is that it is listed as feature along with a lot of other things that make you think you get some serious bang for your buck (and I believe that you still do but we have people that steal aluminum in these parts it's so valued).  I don't like the misrepresentation.  I don't like I should get a little discount for that...and then I remember I got that three piece rough in for the price of a two.   BUT...all that said.....I still love my house and I'm very pleased with the way things have gone so far.  I really believe that the final walk through will blow my socks off and I just can't wait to close.

Here is my list of concerns for the walk through:

Insert #0.00001.  ENJOY NEW HOME!!!!!!!!! First and foremost on the list. [Thank you WJ for the reality check ;) ] 

1. Do we get a copy of all the warranties listed for the items in our features, like the Lifetime Warranty on the windows and stuff or do we just keep a record ourselves? Is there an Energy Star certificate or something that we get?
2. Are there two hose bibs?
3. Is the attic R-38 or greater?  Ok. I was thinking about climbing on a ladder to measure and make sure the insulation is 12" deep (I think that's the right depth) but my family talked me out of it and gave me one of those looks.  I don't know...I am paying for it right?
4. Will the crack on Dustin's Vanity be fixed?  It's a tiny little thing all the way at the bottom of the vanity where we won't see it but I can just see my baby crawling over there and pulling it off making it worse if it isn't at least glued and sealed.  It is really tiny.
5. When do we get to use the Ryan Advantage website and WHAT is in it?  Is there a Lowe's coupon?  I hope so.
6. Make sure I have an oil rubbed bronze exterior door handle.
7. Did they get that brick fixed about the basement window?....and above our address plate?
8. Is the ceiling repaired to where no one can tell it ever had a hole cut in it?
9. Will that weird paint/splatter plaster or whatever be wiped off of the closet shelves?
10. Is there an attic light? (I don't care if there is or's just a curiosity at this point)
11. Are there any giant blobs of drywall mud that I can feel through the carpet.
12. Are all windows able to be open and shut and can lock?
13.  Will that Jacuzzi Tub work?  Should I fill it up during the walk through and test it out?
14. Is the garage door opener working and does the keypad work?
15. Is the hole in the garage fixed in the corner?
16. Are they or have they replaced or fixed the two cupboard doors that had scratches on them?  I want them perfect because I'm paying for new....not almost new or repaired.
17. Is the morning room ceiling finally consistent?
18. Is the weird dip in the living room fixed?  I will show pictures of this if I can find it.  When the carpet was put down there is about a 1/2 inch space between it and the bottom of the trim.  We don't know if it's the floor or the trim that's wrong.
19. Is the weird sticky goo in the basement that has made a home since the start of the build finally gone?
20. Is the insulation in the basement covered with a plastic sheet like the SR told me?
21. What happened to that stack of brick that you said that you'd leave for us?
22. Is the powder room mirror replaced?  It had scratches on the reflective surface which rendered it useless in a few spots.
23. Does the island have its outlet?
24. Where is the chandelier for the dining room that I paid for?
25. When will the driveway get its final coat?

Those are the major concerns.  There are some little bumps and blobs here and there but it's not something that just eats at me.

Can anyone think of anything else that I need to check when I go through the walk through?  Obviously I will check all the lights and stuff but I'm not sure there is anything else.  If you thing of something..please let me know!  :)


  1. Whew. That is some list! Don't forget to add #26: Enjoy my new home.

    I'm sure all the bumps will be ironed out. And don't forget that they will be back several times over the next year to fix what needs fixin'

    1. It's so long because I'm so forgetful. I will print this out to remind me all that things I wanted to remember. I do better with checklists anymore because I've got a million things going on. I've even resorted to OCD three ring binding all my bills and important such things. Organization will be my friend in the new house. Good bye clutter and excuse of a tiny home to make it!

  2. I love the list! I plan on printing the floor plan, and placing my concerns (my specific list) in each area so that as we walk through, I will know what to ask when.

    1. Great idea! I might have to steal it!

  3. Hi Charissa, I love the LIST!! I just purchased a new binder yesterday for all my paperwork. I had two from Ryan Homes and they have fallen apart!! Very excited for you and your family!!

    BTW--I decided to make the laundry room upstairs as my photography inspirational room. :-) I was going to install a coat closet system in it because the laundry room will be in the basement. But after visiting with the closet company, I changed my mind and will be installing it else where!!

    Have fun at your walk through! YAY!!

    1. Oh boy! I think that's awesome! I'm definitely biased towards having a whole room for photography. :)

    2. Too cute Charissa, I love the INSERT update on this blog!!

      I did think a lot about the studio and knew that a full blown photography studio I did not need; however, I wanted a place to have my items separate from my home office. Your idea about using a room as inspiration inspired me! So I am dedicating that space to it. It's the perfect size, not too big where I might feel overwhelmed and not so small where I will feel cramped. It's perfect. Right now, everything is stored in a box and under my desk.

  4. I never heard of the Ryan Advantage. Where can I read about that? I'm a little curious.

    1. The Ryan Advantage is listed in the "Included Features" list that you get from your SR when you inquire about building with them. It's sort of a "See look how good we are!" sheet of paper. It says that Ryan Homeowners have access to the Ryan Advantage website for special vender offers. I just found the site. Whoo hoo! It looks like there is a 10% Lowes coupon that I want! Yes!

  5. Working in the construction industry, my biggest piece of advice is LOOK AT EVERYTHING! Go up and measure the insulation thickness, check if the light is there. Its your home. You paid for all of this, they said they would provide it. Insulation is something if they didn't do right, you'll be paying for the rest of your life in heating bills. Ryan Homes just hires out the cheapest subcontractor they can. Some cut corners, some just unintentionally make mistakes, some hire 18 year old kids and just don't have enough experience yet. I see it everyday in large commercial buildings. Be a pain in the ass.