Saturday, August 18, 2012

Busy! And an uexpected rental snafu.

So...I've been so busy getting my old home ready to rent that I just literally haven't had time.  I'm sneaking in a minute here to blow of some steam.  My husband and I have been working extremely late to get our old home ready for a renter that we found early on in the game.  We were excited because they fit in the old neighborhood and seemed like they were a good choice.  They got us the security deposit and first months rent quickly and the only thing left to do was to have both of their signatures on the lease (we had one), copy their photo ids,  and give them the keys.

Our appointment was for yesterday at 5pm.  I waited and waited....and I'm still waiting.  They didn't return my call or email inquiry.  They've just completely disappeared. It is so strange!!

Part of me is pissed that they left me hanging and the other part is worried.  Are they even still alive? 

So...I've reposted my home and I am looking for a renter again.  I will return the money to their company that paid me for their home minus the costs associated with them after I find a replacement renter.  Right now, one of them is responsible for a year of rent.  He's not out anything though because his company was the one footing the bill.  I've got an email in to the company to try and solve the mystery.  I'm not out any money but I'm annoyed that I'm not being kept informed.  Did he lose his job?  Is he in the hospital?  Was he arrested?  Is his family ok?  Did someone die?  Is he up to something sneaky?  So many questions....

I guess it's good that this all happened now!  So...lesson learned....renting is NOT a smooth ride.


  1. That does sound weird. Hopefully you will get the answers to your questions soon.

  2. Yikes! This is one of many reasons we hired a property management company.