Thursday, August 2, 2012


Love!  What a fantastic day!  Here are the shots of our final walk through.   There are some things that will be completed before we close but MAN...does it look good right now or what?

My first real mailbox on a post!

Landscaping! Dustin wants the address plate to be a little nicer so he might fix it so the brick looks continuous just above it right after we move in. 

Awesome Garage Light.  Reminds me of Colorado.

Our PM explaining the ins and outs of our fireplace to Dustin.

Entry Door

Dining Room

Going up!
Master Bed

Master Bath...with a PERFECT tub!

I love all the light!

I think I'm coming straight here after we close.

NO wait.....maybe I'll just do it now!  Like my sandal tan?
Master Bed again

Master Closet

View out of the Walk-in Closet

Upstairs Laundry Room!
Attic access with some foam that will be trimmed.  No Attic light.  No Problem. :P

Kaylee's little room!

Kaylee's Big Room...maybe a bedroom maybe the playroom?

Another view of the big one.

And another.

View from the side window of the big room.

My opinion on my PM and SR and the whole Ryan process.

Kaylee's Bath
Kaylee's  Bath Floor

Soon to be Photo extravaganza room. Where the magic happens.

A view from the magic room.

Upstairs Hallway
Upstairs hall the other way.

Looking down stairs


Powder Room!

Family Room!

Close up of Fire Mantel detail.

Kitchen!  That's my PM catching up on calls. 
Entry light!
The chandelier from the formal dining room being used as our temporary morning room light until we get a ceiling fan...which might not be until next year....cause I kind of like this.

The biggest issue we found that will be replaced completely.  They think a touch up painter must have dropped something on it from high above.

So Pretty!

My first Disposal!

Gas Range.

We decided that we are going to get molding.  Our PM is going to see what it will cost for him to order from his guy.  It shouldn't be too much because we won't need too much.  Then my husband will put it up.......To be continued.... :)

I forgot to take photos of the AWESOME brick work they did to fix that basement window for me.  I was so happy I had to stand and stare at it for a few moments.  It exceeded my expectations and that makes me giddy. :)  More photos to come next week...but for now...I'm going to breathe a sigh of relief that we are ALMOST at the finish line, relax and enjoy the rest of this wonderful day.


  1. Congratulations! Everything looks beautiful.

  2. Looks awesome! I love the reflection of you in the bathtub silver thing.

  3. House looks fantastic...I bet your excited to move in

  4. The reflection of you in the bathtub makes you look like you are naked from the waist down! Ha ha! My husband was looking over my shoulder and he was like, "Is she naked?!?" HA HA!

    Everything looks great! I thought about moving our chandelier from the dining room to the morning room temporarily too. I love the hallway shot with all the doors.

  5. Hi Charissa, the exterior of your house is absolutely beautiful! You are going to love driving up to it everyday! I also love the kitchen colors with the dark knobs and the other dark lightening fixtures. What color did you choose? They give the kitchen such a charming, cozy atmosphere. Love it!!

  6. Charissa, we are so excited for you! The house is beautiful!! We hope to see pic's once you get the house all decorated and filled with furniture!

    1. Thanks! I'm debating whether to paint or not. I don't care for white walls but I'm not sure I can handle painting right now with everything else going on. As a teacher I start school back up in just a few weeks and as a photographer I have the bulk of my weddings now....not to mention closing. I'd like to think I'm superwoman but.....even she gets defeated. :)
      I think our first project will actually be finishing the basement. It's not that expensive to do it ourselves so I think that's what the blog will probably focus on next. Oh boy...DIY basement coming up!

  7. We actually paid Ryan Homes to paint the walls a different color. It's called Sundew. I just wanted the white trim to stand out. I want to paint a few accent walls however but don't know if I will do that the day we get the keys before moving our furniture in or sometime after. Sounds like you are gonna be super busy. Either way, your house and all the selections you made are beautiful. Enjoy!!! :-)

  8. since I am a little late congrats on closing and moving in how exciting! your house looks great =-)

  9. Hi Charissa, just caught up reading your blog from the beginning. First off, nice choice! It should be great to finally get in there and start to settle in. I was wondering what you did for a microwave (or opted to forgo it). Our SR mentioned that code changes didn't allow us to put the microwave/vent combo above the gas stove / range and I was wondering if you ran into the same issue.