Sunday, November 1, 2015

I can but should I? - Working on a Two Story Home

As you all know, I have a Venice.  (Love it!) 

It's much taller than my old house which looks like this:

Why do I show you this?

Because I use to do ALL the work on this place. (Then my husband came along and did some too)

At any rate, it gave me the mentality that I really can do all the house repair and anything I want to.

But should I?

Forward several years and some time in my New Home....

I can easily do things like painting the multiple bedrooms and getting in the attic (by the inside access instead of climbing on the roof)

Here's a photo of my girl's bedroom. :) Love it!  (By the way, Walmart sells this Glitter Gloss that is 100% worth the costs. It makes the room glow in sunlight)

We do more "repair" type things with this new home than the old home and ladders are a MUST.

With the high ceilings, even light changes need a little extra boost.

I found myself in contemplation when presented with the challenge that the upstairs dryer vent needs changed every couple months.

This requires a very LONG ladder and a lint grabber on a long stick.

It's the only problem I have with the upstairs laundry room, but it's a pretty big one.

If I twist the wrong way I plummet.  Even just climbing a ladder sometimes leaves me in weird positions while trying to get the lint out of the extra long dryer hose that is trapped between the walls of bedroom 4 and the laundry room (for some of you it's a closet).

This inevitably leaves me in need of my Wexford Chiropractor friend and a pack of ice.

As much as I love climbing ladders and fixing my own things.  The inside of a huge house is big and challenging enough.

There are so many things I still want to do so I feel that risking my back and my ankles and challenging my big ole' butt on and extension ladder is likely not the best idea.

It's time to do one of two things:

1. Build a deck so I can get to the vent without plummeting two stories (it will be just one)
2. Hire someone to do the work for me.

I think I'm going with #2.  For goodness sake, I pay the neighbor boy to come and pick up dog poop.  I certainly can hire someone to climb a ladder and get rid of lint for me.

What would you all do?

Do any of you face the crazy high upstairs laundry vent issue?

How do you handle it?


  1. Hi Charissa,
    My first choice: hire someone to do the work and preserve your body for all the other projects you enjoy doing. It takes a village to keep a home gorgeous. :-) I believe in hired help. I had laundry vent issues in the basement that used to drive me crazy and cannot imagine the upstairs challenge. We had to get someone out to unclog it each time. For some reason the direction of the vent would not allow the flow to lead out the vent. It would get stuck on the curve portion. At first we thought it was the dryer system that the technicians kept saying was the cause. Eventually, after several repair calls, we decided to buy an updated machine (nice excuse at the time lol but the problem was how the vent was built on the home. It's nice seeing you hear and I am happy to get back on the blog. I have a new blog for a new home we are building. Stop on by and please join my site at my other blog is still up from building our Rome. We sold our home after my daughter passed and looking forward to this new build.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine the pain. I hope your new build will help you with your new beginning. It's been a pleasure sharing home building excitement with you over the last several years. I'll put in a little prayer for you!

  2. Ive learned no one can do the job like YOURSELF, no one ever does it to MY standards and wish I would have saved a boat load of money for some guy who says he can do the job, yet half asses it anyway. No intergrity in work anymore, just hurry hurry hurry. I rather save money for vacation. that's my 2 cents :)

    1. I concur dwtimes2! But I just don't have the skill set you and your husband have which is awesome. I am very picky when choosing hired help. You all are so talented. If I had your skill set I would do it and other times we just need the professionals. The perfect example, is the beautiful addition to your house built by the Amish. Just gorgeous. I am researching them in my area because you have done a lot of things I would love to do in our backyard now that we will have the space.

  3. I wouldn't want to risk the ladder, either. Sometimes it's worth letting go of perfection. Of course, we are risk adverse, so that makes our decision a little easier to make. I know how you feel about letting go of the money - that's hard for me, too.